Stewards Pooi Chun Kindergarten

Stewards Pooi Chun Kindergarten
Nuturing the children’s heart, faithful love is the start
About us
Hong Kong Stewards was founded on 12th October, 1962, as a Christian Charity endorsed by the Hong Kong government and a member of The Community Chest. Since the 50’s, Hong Kong Stewards has been participating in community services in Hong Kong and across the nations, providing non-profit and top quality services on community welfare, education and medicine; and striving to spread the Gospel of Christ to people around us.
Mission Statement
To promote and expand Christian-based education and the excellence of Chinese culture, we educate our next generation with the basis of the sacrificial love of Christ, the heart of servanthood for the community and the motto of our school, Faith, Hope and Love. We, as a Smart Campus, provide our students with a learning environment that is comprehensively structured and well-supported; in order that young children can experience a joyful learning experience under the leadership and guidance of our professional and loving teachers and educators. Through professional training, parent-teacher cooperation and community support, we nurture and raise up our children in 6 domains, ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, so that they will become an all-rounded person of the society. With a view to strengthen self-confidence and the spirit of loving one another as yourself, we teach from the foundation of Biblical truths and we value the price of life.
Guaranteed Service
  • Providing a secure and comfortable learning environment for children of 2 years 8 months up until 6 years old.Accommodating children with sufficient open space and different types physical facilities to exercise gross motor skills so as to strengthen their bodies.
  • Administering a natural setting for children to acquire knowledge of various kinds and learn different skills from play-based activities, experiments and observations; and promoting intelligence-inspiring activities that prompts brain development and unlocks potential in children.
  • Cultivating appropriate attitudes and manners as a member of the society based on the Biblical truths; allowing a holistic development in children which puts an emphasis on the values of life.