Stewards Pooi Chun Kindergarten

Stewards Pooi Chun Kindergarten
Our campus is thoughtfully designed and put together by professional interior designers. Incorporating creative arts, geometry, colors and more, we offer our students an excellent and inventive learning environment. Moreover, a creative bathroom was specially-built in Pooi Yan Kindergarten in 2011.
To acquire a higher disinfection standard for our kids, we introduced ZOONO, a long lasting sanitizer brand which was made in New Zealand,  once applice will last for 24 hours on hands and 30days on surfaces, in the meantime, we arranged a mould removal service since 2017 Sep for our school.
Technology Facilities
As a Smart Campus, we provide adequate and the latest technology for our students. For instance, our online learning platform gives our students a medium to revise learning materials with their parents at home. Besides, other electronic facilities like Panda Pad (tablet) and TING SMART PEN (reading pen) have been implemented recently in all our classrooms.